A downloadable game for Windows

Theme Chosen: Greed

The year is 2069. Information is no longer private. Details are freely traded. Privacy is a relic of a bygone era.

Sell social media profiles to prospective clients. Earn a living in a harsh, dystopian future. Feed your family. Pay taxes. Obey the government. What choices will you make?


Made in 48 hours for the world famous Pizza Jam 4

Included is a Unity project, as we had technical difficulties getting our executable to work as in editor. We had problems with external assets being referenced by the executable.

Edit: A zip of a working executable has now been uploaded.

Install instructions

Download "What.YoureWorthzip." Rename it to "WhatYoureWorth.zip" because we're monkeys who don't know how to name files or use a computer. Extract it and play!


HueySoftPizza.zip 132 MB
What.YoureWorthzip 33 MB


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